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Brunswick overcomes Williamsport: A play by play

Williamsport vs. Brunswick

Starting out at 190, Ben Wells from Brunswick gave up a hard fought take down early in the first. He fought fiercely to not get turned. After a going out of bounds reset, Ben hit a great switch to reverse Adin Hastings. After a readjustment to his position, Ben was able to score the fall, to much fanfare and disbelief.

Next up at 215, Austin Curry from Brunswick gave up a quick pin to Brycen Fraley.

At 285, the two heavy weights battled in neutral for the first period. The second and third periods proved fruitless and we headed to overtime 2-2. The first sudden victory saw no takedowns. Double overtime ensued. Lane Riggleman of Brunswick was first to pick, chose bottom, and escaped midway through the 30 second period, leaving the score 3-2. Abbott from Williamsport selected bottom for his position in the second half of SV-2, and almost escaped before Riggleman took him back down to the mat. Riggleman was able to ride Abbott out to secure the victory for Brunswick.

At 106, Evan Mullen took the forfeit for Brunswick.

Next up at 113 Brunswick’s Cayden Boedecker gave up the first takedown to Williamsport’s Aidan Alvarez. Boedecker worked hard to reverse that and soon found himself up 10-2 heading into the 3rd period. Emotions ran high, and Alvarez was disqualified for flagrant misconduct in the 3rd, putting the score 21-6, with 9 bouts left. The referee than instructed that the FMC call resulted in a deduction of 3 team points, leaving the score 21-3.

Then at 120, Nicky Anderson from Williamsport showed dominance in the first and second period racking up a score of 12-0. Colby Moore of Brunswick showed grit in not giving up the fall, but an early mat return in the 3rd resulted in a shoulder injury, and Williamsport was awarded the medical forfeit.

At 126, Seth Crawford from Brunswick made quick work of Williamsport’s Adam Starr win a pin in 41 seconds, resulting in a heavy lead for Brunswick of 27-9.

132 was tough, Brunswick’s Jake O’Connor showed that he was not going to be an easy pin for Camden Hull. O’Connor was able to last all three periods, leaving a decision for Hull, 7-0.

Williamsport’s Logan Durham bested his opponent Isaac Mendez late in the second period securing a fall at 3:58 at the 138 weight class.

Aidan McAllister from Williamsport was able to secure the pin against Brunswick’s Ayax Martinez-Ortiz in under a minute leading to a score of 27-21 in favor of Brunswick. Alex Haste at 150 for Brunswick faced a worthy opponent in Ben Ellis, but was able to secure a fall for Brunswick midway through the 2nd period leaving the score 33-21 Brunswick heading into the final 3 bouts of the match.

Morgan Corwine From Brunswick at 157 made very short work Logan Baker landing a pin in 0:15, sealing Williamsport’s fate in the dual. Gavin McCray from Williamsport put up at hard fight against Senior Jesse Runkles from Brunswick, but succumbed to a 10-6 decision in the end. Williamsport’s Soren Miller made relatively quick work of Jamison Gdowski at 175 for a fall to end the duals 42-30.

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