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Good morning! It's no surprise that we are also big fans of Maryland's Female Wrestlers. These women are incredible! They are growing the sport and creating the foundation for Team USA to continue to dominate the world and olympic podiums.

Given the growing popularity, we chose to highlight the State's All Stars vs. ranking each weight class... for now. As always, if you think we missed someone just drop us a note and let us know the accomplishments for the individual. We are looking to highlight wrestlers that are nationally ranked, state champions, undefeated, or maybe on a roll and just took top honors or placed at a major regional tournament.

Women's Wrestling Fast Facts:

  • Women's Wrestling became an Olympic sport in 2004 and Maryland's own Helen Maroulis became the first American woman to win Olympic Gold.

  • 44 States have Girls’ Wrestling State Championships Recognized By a State High School Executive Association. Maryland was sanctioned in 2019 and our first high school state championship was in 2020.

  • The rules for Women's Wrestling are typically different throughout the country. Girls wrestle Freestyle throughout the winter as opposed to the style nearly all boys wrestle in the winter, Folkstyle.

  • The women's wrestling programs need our help in this state. We need more referees who know Freestyle, we need more coaches who understand the difference between coaching boys and girls - yes, there are lots of differences, and we need more girl wrestlers!

  • USA Wrestling just launched a Coaches' Teal Certification in 2023 to help train coaches in women's wrestling. We highly recommend that all coaches throughout the state take the teal certification as the first step to helping grow Girls Wrestling.

We are committed to helping advance Women's Wrestling in this state. Please send us information for Girl's tournaments, Girl's camps and clinics, and story highlights for Girls.

Go check out Maryland's All Stars

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