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UPDATED: Team Rankings!

We continue to see amazing wrestling by teams throughout the state which has made this process incredibly difficult, especially with some of the parity we are seeing after the top 15 or so teams.

We do our best to ensure that these rankings are a reflection of the entirety of the season as opposed to a single tournament or dual meet. With this said, we always need help! As coaches, make sure you get your box scores and team scores online or emailed to us. If we can't find them and you don't tell us about them then we won't see them :)

We want to give a shoutout to a particular coach that does this incredibly well. Archbishop Curley, head coach, Paul Boettcher, puts all of his results on Track and sends weekly reports and updates for his wrestlers. In these updates, we also receive a short write-ups about key wins, results, or insights. Thanks for putting in the time for your team Paul!

Back to the rankings - check out the full rankings here:

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