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Headhunters Launches Sweet Summer Series

DISCLAIMER: We want more youth wrestling in Maryland and given the season we want more summer wrestling!! We feel compelled to blast to the entire Legacy Wrestling community on all of the new events we hear about and so far a few coaches have begun to take us up on it. So if you are hosting a tournament, running summer practices, or throwing a clinic or camp just let us know ( and we'll do our part to help you get more wrestlers on the mat. #GrowMarylandWrestling

Ok, now on to something cool we just received a tip about. The Headhunters wrestling club is hosting a 5 Saturday summer wrestling clinic series with some amazing wrestling "legends". Quite honestly, we couldn't think of anyone trying this format before in Maryland, and the names they have put together are pretty sweet.

So we're doing our part - if you're looking to learn from some of the rockstars that are in or have come from Maryland check it out.

Link to Register:

Link to Register:

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