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UPDATED: Team Rankings!

The state crowned four dual meet champions this past weekend and the tournaments certainly help solidify close match-ups we had been waiting to see all year.

With this said, we are at that time of the year when some teams are peaking and putting their optimal lineups on the mat. And unfortunately, some teams are suffering a downturn in their rosters due to injuries.

So, just like the individual rankings, the team rankings are also evolving. What you did earlier in the year does not matter as much as what recent results and rosters suggest.

The battle for No. 1 in the state will be decided this weekend at the MIS Tournament. We view the National Prep Tournament as more of a test to see who has the most national caliber talent rather than a true head-to-head measure of each team.

Best of luck to all this weekend. We can't wait to see who will be #1 until next season's "way too early pre-season rankings" in the fall.

Check out the updated team rankings here:

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