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Ryken Crowns 5 at WCAC Championships

Second-ranked Tyler Wood (126) of St. Mary's Ryken used falls in 65 and 27 seconds to win his third straight Washington Catholic Athletic Conference crown, leading the third-ranked Knights to a runner-up finish to Paul IV Catholic of Virginia on Saturday at Good Counsel.

Also winning WCAC crowns for the Knights were juniors Austin Wood (120) and Evan Boblits (144) as well as freshmen Eli Gabrielson (106) and Ethan Valdisera (113) as St. Mary’s Ryken (264.5 points). Paul IV Catholic (286 points) crowned seven champions.

The Knights were coming off a dual meet victory over sixth-ranked Archbishop Spalding during which Tyler Wood scored a 77-second fall over the Cavaliers' top-ranked junior Sean Garretson.

Woods improved his record to 2-1 against Garretson, a returning Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association tournament runner-up and third-place finisher at the Maryland Independent Schools State Tournament who finished seventh at the National Preps Tournament.

It was the second time Wood had pinned Garretson, who dethroned him by a 7-4 decision in the finals of the Ray Oliver Invitational at McDonogh in December.

Having previously decked Garretson last season on the way to finishing second at states, Woods improved his record on the season to 25-7 and 103-27 for his career.

“It felt good to get back on top by pinning Sean Garretson. I’ve won against Garretson two out of the three times we’ve wrestled,” said Tyler Wood, who has placed fifth and second in his two state tournament appearances. “It means a lot to me as well as my team to get that win against Garrettson and Archbishop Spalding. Now I’m excited for states as well as National Preps. I’m looking forward to seeing Sean Garretson again. I’m looking to get another win against him, and it might just be for the state title.”

Woods was second at states last year following an overtime loss to Carter Nogle of Mount St. Joseph, a senior two-time state champion who is ranked No. 1 at 138 pounds.

“That was a great match and I have lots of respect for Carter Nogle. I’ve been wrestling him since I was a 3-year-old. I’m very hungry to win states this year. States really means a lot to me this year, and I’ve worked too hard for it not to pay off. At Preps, I made it to the blood rounds and just missed placing by one match,” Wood said.

“But this year, I’m coming to make a statement at states and at National Preps, and to finally get to the top of the podium. I’ve worked too hard for that not to happen. It’s going to be a fun and competitive journey and I’m going to be training harder than ever over these next two weeks in order to sharpen my skills.”

The second-ranked Boblits won his third straight WCAC crown with a 60-second fall against sophomore Braylin Muldrew of Bishop McNamara.

A state runner-up who reached the finals on falls in 56 and 73 seconds, Boblits owns an overtime rideout victory over top-ranked private schools champion Tyson Sherlock of Gilman.

"I'm definitely looking forward to National Preps," Boblits said. "I got fourth at National Preps as a freshman and didn't get to wrestle their last year due to sickness."

The second-ranked Gabrielson earned falls in 3:09 and 84 seconds, the latter for the crown against sophomore Ansar KMT of DeMatha.

The fifth-ranked Austin Wood used a pair of pins to reach the finals, where he earned a 6-4 decision over sophomore Leo Badolato of Paul VI.

Also winning against Archbishop Spalding were Gabrielson, Valdisera and Boblits. Gabrielson earned a fall in 1:43 and Valdisera won an 11-3 major decision over Quentin Bailey. Boblits took a 7-0 decision over Archbishop Spalding sophomore Zane Leitzel, an MIAA runner-up who was third at states.

At WCACs, DeMatha crowned eighth-ranked senior Jordan Williams (285), a fourth-place state finisher who used an overtime, 4-2 decision, over junior Sean Jewett of St. Mary's Ryken.

Williams used falls in 90 seconds and in 4:19 to reach the finals against Jewett, a seventh-place finisher at states last year.


1st Place Match

Eli Gabrielson (ST. MARY`S RYKEN) 26-5, Fr. over Ansar KMT (DEMATHA CATHOLIC) 10-1, Fr. (Fall 1:24)

3rd Place Match

Ronan McMahon (PAUL VI CATHOLIC) 10-3, So. over Connor Meeker (GONZAGA COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL) 7-8, Fr. (Fall 4:31)


1st Place Match

Ethan Valdisera (ST. MARY`S RYKEN) 3-0, Fr. over Trey McKinney (PAUL VI CATHOLIC) 11-2, Jr. (MD 19-6)

3rd Place Match

Dexter Kane (DEMATHA CATHOLIC) 9-3, Fr. over Griffin Vaughan (ST. JOHN`S COLLEGE HS) 7-5, So. (Fall 4:27)


1st Place Match

Austin Wood (ST. MARY`S RYKEN) 3-0, Jr. over Leo Badolato (PAUL VI CATHOLIC) 11-2, So. (Dec 6-4)

3rd Place Match

Matthew Morin (ST. JOHN`S COLLEGE HS) 10-3, So. over John Wills (BISHOP O`CONNELL) 10-6, Jr. (MD 10-1)


1st Place Match

Tyler Wood (ST. MARY`S RYKEN) 2-0, Sr. over Cruz Liu (PAUL VI CATHOLIC) 10-3, Fr. (Fall 0:27)

3rd Place Match

Damien Quesnel (THE HEIGHTS) 3-1, So. over James Pettiford (GOOD COUNSEL) 9-4, Fr. (Dec 6-4)


1st Place Match

Niko Colavecchio (PAUL VI CATHOLIC) 13-0, Fr. over Cameron Jefferson (ST. MARY`S RYKEN) 2-1, So. (Dec 2-1)

3rd Place Match

Joshua Taliaferro (BISHOP O`CONNELL) 3-1, So. over Hudson Eynon (ST. JOHN`S COLLEGE HS) 7-6, Sr. (Fall 1:49)


1st Place Match

Cole Wilson (PAUL VI CATHOLIC) 8-0, So. over Jethro Ward (GONZAGA COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL) 22-7, So. (Fall 2:24)

3rd Place Match

Jared Satterwhite (BISHOP MCNAMARA) 11-2, Sr. over Lucas Redman (GOOD COUNSEL) 8-7, Sr. (Fall 3:58)


1st Place Match

Evan Boblits (ST. MARY`S RYKEN) 3-0, Jr. over Braylin Muldrew (BISHOP MCNAMARA) 5-2, So. (Fall 1:00)

3rd Place Match

Koen Fredricks (PAUL VI CATHOLIC) 8-2, So. over Jeremiah Allen (GOOD COUNSEL) 8-4, Jr. (Fall 3:37)


1st Place Match

Kai Lewis (PAUL VI CATHOLIC) 9-1, Fr. over Liam Kilner (THE HEIGHTS) 17-5, So. (TF-1.5 4:59 (18-2))

3rd Place Match

Kaiden Bowling (ST. MARY`S RYKEN) 3-1, Fr. over Peter Clancy (GONZAGA COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL) 14-14, Sr. (Fall 5:29)


1st Place Match

Merrit Clinton (PAUL VI CATHOLIC) 13-1, So. over Will Buckler (ST. MARY`S RYKEN) 2-1, Jr. (Dec 9-7)

3rd Place Match

Rhonin Swenson (BISHOP MCNAMARA) 7-3, Jr. over Matt VanSice (GONZAGA COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL) 32-6, Jr. (Dec 4-0)


1st Place Match

Leif Clinton (PAUL VI CATHOLIC) 14-0, Sr. over Joseph Lagman (DEMATHA CATHOLIC) 4-2, Jr. (MD 10-2)

3rd Place Match

Koen Bowling (ST. MARY`S RYKEN) 3-1, Jr. over Thomas Keefe (GONZAGA COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL) 16-10, Jr. (Fall 2:37)


1st Place Match

Bojan Sulc (GONZAGA COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL) 29-4, So. over Yitzchak Ingram (DEMATHA CATHOLIC) 7-2, Jr. (TF-1.5 5:39 (16-1))

3rd Place Match

Matthew Green (ST. MARY`S RYKEN) 3-1, Jr. over Theo Darras (PAUL VI CATHOLIC) 10-4, So. (Dec 2-0)


1st Place Match

Cash Colbert (PAUL VI CATHOLIC) 14-0, So. over George Tate (GOOD COUNSEL) 10-5, So. (Fall 2:57)

3rd Place Match

Zachary Richards (DEMATHA CATHOLIC) 9-2, Jr. over Ethan Vayro (ST. MARY`S RYKEN) 2-2, Fr. (Dec 9-2)


1st Place Match

Miles Sanderson (PAUL VI CATHOLIC) 11-0, So. over Steven Ramirez (DEMATHA CATHOLIC) 6-3, Jr. (Fall 3:22)

3rd Place Match

Evan gavin (ST. MARY`S RYKEN) 3-1, So. over Sam Casolini (BISHOP O`CONNELL) 12-7, Jr. (Fall 2:12)


1st Place Match

Jordan Williams (DEMATHA CATHOLIC) 10-0, Sr. over Sean Jewett (ST. MARY`S RYKEN) 2-1, Jr. (SV-1 4-2)

3rd Place Match

Zachary Betts (BISHOP MCNAMARA) 8-1, Sr. over Alex Sawyer (PAUL VI CATHOLIC) 5-6, Fr. (Fall 3:30)

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